Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This post involves wounded warrior charities and our experiences. As with anything there are always good actors and bad actors and some in between. For the most part the generosity of the American people directly and via charities that help wounded warriors has been truly amazing. From my perspective, that is one of the most positive takeaways I have from this entire on-going experience, the American people are awesome, generous and support the wounded warriors regardless of political affiliation.

 We can all debate whether we should be there (or should have gone to Iraq or Afghanistan) but there is no debate that these wounded warriors have given the ultimate sacrifice of mind and body. The circumstances of their injuries are irrelevant, it only matters that they need our support and we shall give it, period.

 In our experience the Wounded Warrior Project is not a charity that is supportive of wounded warriors in practice. The WWP appears to have as its mission to raise as much money as possible. Below is a quote from Nancy:

" But I think it's time for me to let my friends know that the Wound Warrior Project has never assisted Cody in any way. They did take him on a fund raising event once, put him on display, and housed him in hotels that were not handicap accessible. I would never tell anyone who they should donate or invest their time with, but I know of some wonderful organizations that truly are there to help make life easier and better for our wounded, unfortunately most of the money seems to be going to the wrong group. Do your research."


 As Nancy says there are some wonderful organizations that do provide incredible support for the wounded warriors. If you go through this blog you will see all of the charities that have helped Cody over the last couple of years and they continue to provide assistance. We will never be able to thank these people and charities enough for all of their generosity. 

Cody's Mom Nancy told Cody that when he got back from Afghanistan the family (Cody, Nancy, Andrew, Modesto and Shauna) would all go on a cruise. Well, it took a couple of years longer than expected but they all just got back on a nice cruise down to the Bahamas!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I have not posted in a while, but everything is going well with Cody. He is happily living in his own house. Cody has as an old friend Alex, as a roommate. Cody is even dog sitting (https://dogvacay.com/Dog-Boarding-Daycare-Dog-Boarding-221359) as a small side business.

 Thanks to Carolina Flyers, Inc (http://carolinaflyers.org/index.html) for providing Cody with a hand bicycle so Cody and Alex can go bike riding.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here are some pictures of Cody with the couple that helped raise money for Cody's handicap accessible van. The couple of is with the Army Navy Panorama project and they live in Raleigh.

 Below is the Facebook link for the group:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cody is home for good. Friday Feb 14 was his last day in the Army and he is now officially medically retired.

 Below are a couple of pictures of Cody and his new service dog (thanks VetDogs!!) Brent.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Here are some more picture of Cody training with his new dog. We would like to thank America's VetDogs for the dog and all of the wonderful training.

 Below is a link to find more information about America's VetDogs

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cody officially left Walter Reed on Friday Jan 31, 2014. Cody and Nancy are in New York where Cody is being trained with his new service dog. Below is a picture of Cody and his dog.